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Instructions for use:For best results use 2 to times a week. DO NOT miss your weekly treatments. It will decrease the effectiveness of the product. The product may become somewhat solid depending on what temperature it is kept at. Shake the bottle well. Pour a small amount of Red Oil into a bowl & heat it up to a desired temperature. To encourage new growth, massage the oil into the entire scalp GENTLY with your finger tips for 10 to 12 minutes. Coat the rest of the hair and ends in the oil as well. Leave oil in hair for a minimum of 2 hours or maximum, over night. When washing it out, you will need to shampoo your hair twice, then condition. Your hair may still feel oily after the 2nd shampoo, but that is normal. And as the last step,..... Get ready for beautiful, healthy and shiny hair!

Red Oil Concentrate

  • We have improved our Original Red Oil into a concentrated, ultra luxurious and rich blend!! It can be kept for up to a year and does not need to be stored in the fridge. Bring your hair back to life with this one of a kind product!! PLEASE NOTE: There are no traces of red liquid in the Red Oil Concentrate.

    Benefits of our 100% NATURAL RED OIL:

    - Contains NO Chemicals, NO colors, NO preservatives 

    - Encourage new hair growth

    - Bring out the shine and softness in your hair

    - Repair dry and damaged hair by conditioning the scalp

    - Help reduce hair fall 

    - It is also suitable for ALL hair types

    Results Vary from person to person

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